Great News! One of my illustrations was Selected, by an esteemed Jury, to appear in this year’s American Illustration annual! Thank you! What a pleasant surprise. The piece was for Canadian Lawyer Magazine, art direction by William Hunter.

Pipe-line? More like GRIPE-line!
Pipeline laws can be a frustrating endeavor to navigate.
© Alexei Vella

Alexei Vella: How Pezidential of You

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been enjoying the weather and have been working on some illustration projects that I cannot share the moment.

Last week I produced an illustration for The Globe and Mail that would’ve been published today. It was quite the elaborate illustration that allowed me to hone and focus my skills on simplified portraiture.

I illustrated 10 American presidents all in one illustration. I am quite proud of the end product, unfortunately there was a mixup in the illustration was not published.


With that said I believe it is a beautiful portfolio piece that will garner some attention.


Presidential PEZ!

A Novel Mock-Up.

Alexei Vella: This self-directed project is a reimagined illustrated cover to David Wong’s novel John Dies at the End.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


 John Dies At The End

 John Dies At The End


Alexei Vella: I recently produced this rather relevant half-page illustration for an article about the FCC and Net-Neutrality in Variety Magazine. I would like to thank Vanessa Morsse for the wonderful art direction.


FCC & Net-Neutrality

Yikes! Visual Faux Pas Explored.

Alexei Vella: Here is my new full-page feature illustration for HOW magazine’s March 2015 issue. It captures that awful moment in which a design mistake has been made and cannot be retracted. I would also like to thank Adam Ladd for the wonderful art direction.


Visual Faux Pas Explored

Pipeline Frustration Illustration

Here is a spot illustration I did for the March issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine.
It was quite an enjoyable process and I love how the final turned out!

I really like how I used the Chinese finger trap as an analogy for the pipeline!

It addresses the frustrations and difficulties lawyers and law makers face when dealing with the development of pipelines.


Pipeline Frustrations

Pop Industrial Mash Up!

Being an avid consumer of pop culture and industrial music, I do like it when worlds collide in surprising & odd ways.
A friend of mine made me aware of a mash-up track that combines Taylor Swift and Nine Inch Nails. You would think the drastic gap between music genres would not allow it, but it does sync up near perfectly.

Here is an personal illustration inspired by the mash-up.
Shake It Off/The Perfect Drug/Absinthe


Shake It Off/The Perfect Drug

All Things – Full Swing…

I have been very busy with some upcoming projects.

I just finished an illustration piece for How Magazine & Canadian Lawyer Magazine. I can’t show you the full images just yet, but I can provide you a little tease.

Also… I am working on a different sort of image, its so refreshing to do something other then editorial work.

I will keep you in the loop.


Tease 1 Tease 2

Interstellar/TARS The Trustworthy

I watched a Stellar movie not so long ago (I actually watched it twice), yes I am behind on my movie watching… but Interstellar is some really good Sci-Fi – Christopher Nolan you have really outdone yourself!

Anyways, I thought I would draw my favourite character, TARS the robot.

P.S. I wish I had one of my own.


TARS The Trustworthy