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I had a relaxing Holiday Season. Hope yours was enjoyable!
Spending time with Family and Friends is always a blast.

I did a job for a new client, just before the busy Holiday Season – Mother Jones!
I had fun time working on these illustrations – made me go in slightly different directions, as it lacked my signature use of a FACE.

I hope to do something more for Mother Jones in the future.


Diet Joke Download No Harm

What A Surprise!

I just found out that one of my client based projects has finally been featured on Behanced’s Illustration Served website, hopefully it is merely one of many… The more hits on my work the better – I love getting noticed.

If you are curious to see what Illustration Served is follow the link below.

If you are curious to see what specific work got featured follow the link below.
My Work.

More news to come in the future.


Wow! Update!

I haven’t updated my blog since late summer, it was something I was meaning to do but did not take a chance to do so – I aim to change that and make updates a regular thing.

Although I may have been quiet on the blog front I have been extremely busy.

I am now represented by Salzman International; I am quite excited about it and the potential of more work and new clients.

I’ve also completed several personal and client driven works. I have done two illustrations for two Toronto-based clients, This magazine and Canadian lawyer magazine (Pictured below).

I have a couple of other images on the horizon, but those will have to remain a mystery, until I am allowed to reveal them.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Client: This Magazine.

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal
Client: Canadian Lawyer

Savour the Summer

Seems like summer has become a busy season for me, in terms of illustration workflow. I keep getting repeat work from past clients, don’t get me wrong, I love every moment of it – it allows my creative juices flow and allows my work to be given an amazing context.

I’ve just completed a major assignment for The Globe and Mail for a feature article in the Life and Art section of the newspaper. The project involved the production of a single large image that would be broken down into six smaller spot illustrations (pictured below). The topic was about the end of summer and was specifically entitled ‘Savour summer before it’s over: Six ways to seize the days’. Seems like the theme of summer keeps coming up.

As I post this, I have been given another job by a past client, Canadian Lawyer to be precise, which is due next week I think for this assignment I will show an extensive view of my process.

Till next time,


Summer Patio Love! And Some Work!

It has been a while since I have updated.

I have been somewhat busy with enjoying the summer months with family and friends – patio love!

This does not mean I haven’t been busy with work. I have been creating personal work with my agent in mind and putting myself in different had spaces in terms of creating work.

I have also completed some projects for a couple of my older repeat clients specifically MacWorld Magazine and Golf Business Magazine – the completed illustrations can be seen below.


Education & iOS8

The Inaugural Post

I have never maintained a blog for long enough to realize its worth, I would just get bogged down with a lot of spam and give up on continuing its upkeep.

Recently in advent of recent happenings, which I will explain, I have decided to give it another go, in order to benefit from it – one of these benefits being to have a stronger web presence – through frequent updates, posting images of process etc., and the use of RSS.

Now onto the recent happenings, or rather its one happening with many armed tendrils. Very recently I decided to seek representation for my illustration work, and that search has ended. I am now represented internationally by Salzman International (link is in the contact and links section of my website). This wont really effect any clients locally (GTA) or any clients I have already worked with, so to them it is business as usual, as we have already developed a relationship; however, to any new clients, I am excited to work with you and my new Rep – the future looks bright.

This whole thing has made me reach out, starting a blog (this one), getting an Altpick portfolio – and more is yet to come, which I will reveal as they happen.

Here is an image I drew, with sketches so you can see how I work and keep your interest peeked.


Wall Street Roughs Wall Street