Savour the Summer

Seems like summer has become a busy season for me, in terms of illustration workflow. I keep getting repeat work from past clients, don’t get me wrong, I love every moment of it – it allows my creative juices flow and allows my work to be given an amazing context.

I’ve just completed a major assignment for The Globe and Mail for a feature article in the Life and Art section of the newspaper. The project involved the production of a single large image that would be broken down into six smaller spot illustrations (pictured below). The topic was about the end of summer and was specifically entitled ‘Savour summer before it’s over: Six ways to seize the days’. Seems like the theme of summer keeps coming up.

As I post this, I have been given another job by a past client, Canadian Lawyer to be precise, which is due next week I think for this assignment I will show an extensive view of my process.

Till next time,