The Inaugural Post

I have never maintained a blog for long enough to realize its worth, I would just get bogged down with a lot of spam and give up on continuing its upkeep.

Recently in advent of recent happenings, which I will explain, I have decided to give it another go, in order to benefit from it – one of these benefits being to have a stronger web presence – through frequent updates, posting images of process etc., and the use of RSS.

Now onto the recent happenings, or rather its one happening with many armed tendrils. Very recently I decided to seek representation for my illustration work, and that search has ended. I am now represented internationally by Salzman International (link is in the contact and links section of my website). This wont really effect any clients locally (GTA) or any clients I have already worked with, so to them it is business as usual, as we have already developed a relationship; however, to any new clients, I am excited to work with you and my new Rep – the future looks bright.

This whole thing has made me reach out, starting a blog (this one), getting an Altpick portfolio – and more is yet to come, which I will reveal as they happen.

Here is an image I drew, with sketches so you can see how I work and keep your interest peeked.


Wall Street Roughs Wall Street